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The coming decade will prove difficult for many investors, as a simple buy-and-hold strategy during times of high volatility and yield levels unseen in a long time appears to be a formula to lose money in inflation-adjusted terms during the coming decade.
We set out St. Gotthard to tackle exactly this issue, founded by investment professionals to manage their own wealth and offering to do the same for our clients – by investing our assets alongside those of our clients, we have perfectly aligned the interests of all involved, an important prerequisite for success.

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Swiss Based and FINMA Licensed

St. Gotthard Wealth is a finma-licensed independent wealth management company based in Switzerland. Founded by a group of experienced investment professionals, we aim to invest our client assets as we do our own.

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With our innovative niche strategies, we have proven to deliver above-average risk-adjusted returns. We offer access to emerging asset classes as well as proven and successful investment strategies that are managed by highly experienced investment professionals.

Latest News

02 December, 2022

No FTX-related exposure in our digital assets fund DAIG

Crypto markets are in turmoil since early November due to the events around FTX that has entered Chapter 11 proceedings – numerous players in the industry have seen their assets locked and it is unclear as to whether there will be any meaningful recovery to the blocked crypto holdings that were stored with the exchange. […]

17 November, 2022

Repositioning our company

We are repositioning our company! St. Gotthard Wealth is rebranding from St. Gotthard Fund Management and we change our Board of Directors.  

03 October, 2022

House View: October 2022

Bye-bye Goldilocks Gone are the days of Goldilocks, when the economy was neither running too hot nor too cold, and fears of deflation outweighing any monetarist ‘inflation scaremongering’. The current regime change after decades of easy monetary policy seems brutal. Or are we witnessing only a temporary bout of price rises, soon to be reined […]

18 August, 2022

Our new website

St. Gotthard Fund Management launches their new website!

03 August, 2022

Our CIO at The Crypto Explorer Podcasts

Our CIO, Daniel Egger guest speaker at The Crypto Explorer podcast, by Sygnum Bank.


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