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With our innovative niche strategies, we have proven to deliver above-average risk-adjusted returns. We offer access to emerging asset classes as well as proven and successful investment strategies that are managed by highly experienced investment professionals.

Digital Asset Income & Growth strategy (DAIG)

DAIG is the inaugural strategy of the company. The investment objective of the strategy is to provide investors with a regular cashflow by investing predominantly in a portfolio of worldwide income generating digital assets (in addition to capital gains associated with them), with a portfolio target yield above that of traditional financial assets. While we have some exposure towards bitcoin and ethereum, the two biggest digital assets, we focus on altcoins, with the aim of delivering diversification benefits to a given bitcoin and ethereum position.

 A tracker certificate on DAIG was added to our offering in January 2022.

Swiss Enhanced Dividend Strategy (SEDS)

St. Gotthard Wealth, partnering with UBS Group, offers to invest in a proven and tested strategy in Swiss equities, with the aim of profiting from exposure to a suite of premium Swiss stocks, while aiming to reduce overall volatility via the continuous writing of covered call and put options.

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