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House View: January 2023

05 January, 2023

Forecast errors Economic forecasting often resembles an art rather than a ‘hard science’, considering the multitude of factors entering any econometric forecasting model, the interdependency of the specific factors, and the potential for exogeneous shocks which can thwart the results of even the finest-calibrated model. This year again, economists worldwide have been taught their lesson, […]

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No FTX-related exposure in our digital assets fund DAIG

02 December, 2022

Crypto markets are in turmoil since early November due to the events around FTX that has entered Chapter 11 proceedings – numerous players in the industry have seen their assets locked and it is unclear as to whether there will be any meaningful recovery to the blocked crypto holdings that were stored with the exchange. […]

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03 October, 2022

House View: October 2022

Bye-bye Goldilocks Gone are the days of Goldilocks, when the economy was neither running too hot nor too cold, and ...
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18 August, 2022

Our new website

St. Gotthard Fund Management launches their new ...
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03 August, 2022

Our CIO at The Crypto Explorer Podcasts

Our CIO, Daniel Egger guest speaker at The Crypto Explorer podcast, by Sygnum ...
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08 July, 2022

House View: July 2022

Financial markets do not like sudden change, but what we have experienced in the past half year are the most seismic ...
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