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November 13, 2023

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The Zug-based asset manager St. Gotthard Wealth is pleased to announce that a new shareholder has completed the full takeover of the company as part of its geographical reorientation. The previous focus on Eastern Europe has proven to be unsustainable due to geopolitical changes over the past two years, which the management deeply regrets. The management would like to express its deep gratitude for the strong and consistent support of the former shareholder, which made it possible to build up the company in the first place.

The strategic realignment of St. Gotthard Wealth is based on two pillars, namely the contribution of significant new assets under management (AuM) by the new shareholder and the provision of a substantial amount of new working capital. Together with St. Gotthard Wealth’s innovative and intuitive wealth management approach, this makes it highly attractive to relationship managers operating in Switzerland who are looking for a Finma-licensed, long-term partner for their clients.

The solid foundation that has now been created for the company allows it to look to the future with confidence. Stefan Bollhalder, CEO of St. Gotthard Wealth, is very positive about the company’s prospects: “Thanks to the successful change of shareholder, we are now in an excellent position to consolidate and expand our company in the long term. The newfound financial stability and the opportunity to add relationship managers will enable us to expand our services and offer our clients an even better service.”

St. Gotthard Wealth remains focused on providing world-class wealth management services and adapting to the challenges of the ever-changing financial environment. The company looks forward to a successful future, strengthened by a solid and long-term oriented shareholder base and a clear new strategic direction.

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