Strategic partnership with Sussex Partners

July 9, 2020

St. Gotthard Fund Management is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Sussex Partners!

Sussex Partners is a successful specialist hedge fund advisory firm based in London, with an office in Switzerland and dedicated staff in New York and Tokyo.

By joining forces with a company that has demonstrated its capabilities with a strong track record in a number of strategies, St. Gotthard takes the next step in offering its clients access to interesting investment opportunities, aimed at ensuring long-term success. St. Gotthard Fund Management AG will always act as the portfolio manager and thus responsible for the final selection of instruments and the portfolio construction.

About Sussex Partners:

Founded in 2003, Sussex Partners is an independent, global investment advisor, dedicated exclusively to alternative investments. Sussex Partners focuses on the identification, evaluation, selection and monitoring of single manager hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, as well as the creation of highly client-specific bespoke portfolios from these constituents across domiciles and structures (including offshore funds, UCITS and managed accounts among others) for its global institutional investor client base.

Sussex Partners looks for managers that demonstrate four key qualities across market cycles: consistency, stability, integrity and superior performance. We look for these characteristics not only in a fund’s returns, but also in its organization, operations and principals. Sussex Partners has offices in London and Zurich, and dedicated staff in the US and Tokyo, providing it with a truly global footprint.

Through its longstanding experience in the hedge fund industry, Sussex Partners is supporting St. Gotthard Fund Management in the due diligence and selection of various hedge funds, as well as the creation of bespoke products for its clients.

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