Wealth Management

Our experienced team of professionals focuses primarily on understanding the needs of each individual client. We develop innovative investment solutions focusing on long-term viability and optimal return-to-risk ratios, rather than short-term return maximization. As we invest our own wealth alongside yours, our mutual interests are perfectly aligned.

Innovative Investment Framework

We want to understand our clients’ requirements and cater to their needs in an optimal way. With our results-oriented multi-asset modules called “buckets”, we are able to fully tailor our investment strategy to every client’s needs and requirements. This framework allows for each client to get his individual mix of stability, income generation and long-term growth.

Highly Experienced Investment Team​

Investment management lies at the core of our team‘s experience, with two seasoned investment heads of mid-sized Swiss private banks covering the traditional asset classes, and a strong research capability as well as a wide network in the digital assets space.

Each individual has more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry, with numerous reputable employers in Switzerland and abroad. We are an international team with strong roots in Switzerland

Our „Bucket approach“

With an innovative investment approach which we call the “Bucket approach” that stresses an alternative to the traditional private banks’ asset-class-obsessed “60/40” concept, each client is invested uniquely according to his/her needs. Our buckets (or modular multi-asset sub-portfolios) allow for each client to get his individual mix of stability, income generation and long-term growth.

Tailor-Made Portfolios​

Understanding our clients’ overall financial situation is the foundation for determining the optimal asset allocation, to seek capital preservation and growth of our clients’ wealth. Our experienced investment specialists fully customize our clients’ portfolio to their individual needs and requirements.

Global Network of Top-Tier Investment Partners​

Our extensive global network of top-tier investment partners enables us to work independently with the most suitable investment specialists to find the best solution for every client mandate. Clients benefit from our team’s accumulated global reach and its connections, which have access to exclusive investment deals not available through traditional private banks.

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